arachnids - Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula flips over after molting

Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula flips over after molting

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  • Did she ever have difficulties?
  • that is scary
  • My baby jus t finished two days ago, she has light pink hairs and black tipped legs -3
  • my Rose hais is on her back now i just discovered it like 3min ago then i went to youtube wow this is amazing my other one just molted like last week ago and it was successful wow this is great
  • cool vid, i think my rose is about to molt. lol
  • coool!
  • Nice vid. I got a rose hair named Mr Feeny
  • My tarantula sadly didn't make it during her moult! We just left her too it but days later she still hadn't made any progress. She had completely stopped moving but we still can't work out what went wrong?
  • Thanks for your comment. It's cool to watch them molt from start to finish.
  • They molt in a way they feel most comfortable.
  • its not good to touch them when they are molting. your lucky you didnt brek its paper thin soft skin and kill it
  • @heyiamunder18 was it?
  • Mine finished 1 minute ago!She is lasiodora parahybana, and now she is alot bigger!
  • Mine has almost finnished. It's taken her about 13 hours so far lol.
  • Thanks.
  • Wow helook soo beautiful after he has molted, I can't wait to see my baby girl do it :)
  • mine molted twice its substrate is right and both times it molted on its stomach can u tell me why plz
  • mine is upsidedown in her cage right now! lol.
  • i completely forgot turned upside when they're about to molt...i had thought it fell and turned it right side up...the next morning they're was "two" spiders haha i felt so stupid..
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