arachnids - Update on Brachypelma vagans (Mexican Red Rump)

Update on Brachypelma vagans (Mexican Red Rump)

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  • Hey I just bought one like 20 minutes ago and I was wondering if you could do a little review on them I know a bit about them but not as much as I'd like to know
  • 3 years
  • Na man I tried it it molds BRutally. in-organic is better. Personally ima just stick with Eco Earth now =))) too hard to find good pott soil for Ts were I live.
  • organic is fine.
  • good video how often should you change the water in the dish
  • my B Vagans is a 4 7/8" female mines not insanely fast growing though lol There a bit defensive but cool Ts =))
  • every 4 days. Usually everything dries up
  • Wish i could open the lid of my B Vagans like that, if i do so he comes hurtling towards me with his fangs on show :D
  • how old was That Vegans in that video?
  • Nice B. Vagans! And Merry Christmas!
  • Yet another good video! Keep up the good work Jon!
  • thanks :)
  • I really enjoy watching your videoa. I have much respect for you. I've learned a great deal from you.
  • Eco Earth / Coco fiber is also a superior substrate. maintains humidity &moisture well =)) NON- organic pott soil/ verm is good too but I cant ever find non-organic.
  • hey jon thanks for the video buddy a very beautiful tarantula
  • i have moss in my tank and i grew bird seed in the soil just to get her better hidden. my spiders tank looks alot better than yours. lol i have some nice driftwood in the tank and a hollowed out log, where there is a tunnel underneath. this is my first redrump and she is doing well.
  • Yeah. I live in florida, and this is an invasive species. i dont mind them much, ive only found two of them in the past year. Both of them were in my pool, and they were dead. It really sucked, they look like they would be cool pets.
  • @xixaxland That's good that your vagans is doing well. Honestly, I don't have the time to spend overly decorating 128 indidival tarantula enclosures. I keep it simple, and the tarantulas does not mind.
  • that is vermiculite, not bird seeds. Vermiculite is an additive that retains moisture.
  • you rock you have so many taruntulas god bless you would you write back to my on so of my videos thanks connor.
  • Why do you put bird seeds?
  • how long would it take to get fully grown from sling to adult because my is a juvi
  • hey jon do u put any thing in your potting soil for your tarantula substrate
  • hey jon i love arboreal tarantulas but i kinda am getting into terrestrials. i like how they burrow. im thinking of getting a pinktoe and l8r on getting a GBB i love terrestrials and i love how they web
  • i mix it with vermiculite
  • Awesome Jon! My fave brachy
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