arachnids - King baboon Pelinobius muticus formerly Citharischius crawshayi

King baboon Pelinobius muticus formerly Citharischius crawshayi

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  • You have to do what works for you:)
  • Thank you, Tim!
  • Yes, he did lose a leg during the first breeding. He has bred her since and it does not seem to affect him at all.
  • wow the colors kinda like the obt?? very nice T your awesome Mari keep it up :)
  • Awesome is totally appropriate in this case
  • Awww poor guy, he's so bashful....Not that I blame him.
  • We did shark tank him the first time around and they bred! I WISH we could have gotten footage of that but it just didn't work out!
  • scary!
  • So nine years makes you an expert. Good for you. You did not check my site very well as I have informative videos published. I am still looking for your resume. It is interesting you feel the need to attack me. Are you trying to prove something? I have been keeping tarantulas seriously for twenty years and I am NOT an expert. I am merely a hobbyist who loves keeping and breeding tarantulas. The reality is I know a little bit about a huge subject...raising tarantulas and reptiles. Cheers
  • your arrogance proves nothing other than the validity of my comment, all i was saying is if you were trying to make a video on how to kill a male tarantula you nailed it. good day
  • LOL !
  • did you not listen to the beginning of the video
  • Thanks, Alex!
  • I don't personally agree with the manner in which u tried to mate your Ts but respect your right to breed them in whatever manner you like.
  • Fabulous and scary! :)
  • Awesome!!! Thank you!!! -DTG
  • well first of all you nearly killed your male. second you have a female kb that is housed on 2 inches of vermiculite, they probably didn't mate due to stress and your interaction see id think you'd know what your talking about if you did things completely opposite of what you did. and the fact that you based my profile like i havn't been keeping t's for 9 years makes me think your just one of those people who thinks she knows. plusi checked your page for informative videos and found 0.
  • i had a bad feeling when that male got too close. neither were drumming which is a bad sign but the female does look mature. how big is she? i would suggest keeping his enclosure next to hers and see if he starts drumming. if he does, see if she responds then try again. great vid though. do you have any other breeding projects going?
  • Aren't they awesome?
  • Interesting. I checked out your channel and there were so many informative videos on it; a total of 0. Would you care to post your resume? I am curious how you became such an expert. For your information, the female is 2 inches bigger than the male. If I had the impression that you knew what you were talking about, I might be offended that you would call my videos improper. Please back up what you say with proof.
  • I don't mean to judge you but the way you nudged the male to near death is ridiculous. Just let him do his thing.
  • did one of the spiders lose one their legs?
  • LOL!
  • They have actually bred twice. The female is small, but I have been surprised by small spiders producing egg sacks many times. I am hoping at the least this will inspire her to molt out to a bigger size so she can breed before the male dies of old age.
  • Terrible never force the male towards the female leave them on opposite sides and allow them to work it out plus i know that female isnt adult shes smaller than the male just more improper vids for people to learn false info
  • Arrogance? Sir or Madam I think the arrogance is on you. I have bred many spiders and produced thousands of slings. Is this arrogance? Commenting on the size of a spider inaccurately and how a spider should be bred is opinion. My opinion is this was the way to breed them. It was my first attempt with this species, and months later he is still alive and raring to go. They did breed.
  • Hilariously! LOL!
  • Yes. He lost an appendage in the heat of passion.
  • Looking up for some latest videos then I bumped into this..Great Job again. :-)
  • More information, - here.