arachnids - Costa Rican zebra tarantula catching a cricket

Costa Rican zebra tarantula catching a cricket

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  • Pretty cool, but I think my Stout leg Baboon is a bit more aggressive.
  • ME TOO!!
  • Ya, because its too grey for a seemanni
  • yeah, that's what I thought. lol
  • cool spider weird how it cacthed it but cool
  • Nice theme music, i lol'd
  • yup
  • Mine was a real terror until we moved it. Also I didn't realise that leaving its lamp on all the time was a bad idea. Poor thing had a bad six months of drums and heat, and at cleaning time it was very hostile. When we moved it to the new room we turned the light on only for an hour or two per day. It calmed down a lot, and at cleaning time it moved wherever you wanted it to without any bother. Also, its appetite picked right up.
  • Hey!! Nice video. However, are you sure that this spider is A. Seemani? The spinnerets don't look orange, like they are supposed to.
  • Lol. That was beautiful. I need your opinion. My C. Zebra has dug itself in a hole and never, EVER eats! It hasn't eaten for months and barely ate after it molted (months ago) Its abdomen is small & it doesn't even move. Its not dead (yet, anyway), & I'm starting to think its suicidal. Why do you think it behaves that way?
  • yea, and the hairs are too long
  • Lol @ :18 that's a smarter than average cricket. Some crickets aspire more, push for greatness.. that's the cricket at :18 xD
  • I had one of these. It was really aggressive. The whole family was scared of it. Its tank was in my bedroom about 2m from my drum kit. I noticed that the spider was jumping around when I pumped the bass drums. Oops. We move the spider downstairs and it mellowed out completely in about a week. No more problems at cleaning/feeding time!
  • Im pretty sure thats E.campestratus
  • I have the same turantula and its not very aggressive.
  • do u think i should feed my zebra a pinky?
  • I had a zebra for my first time.
  • Awesome tarantula. I never thought that they can be that damn fast... wow I would love to have a Antilles pinktoe myself but my mom would freak out if I had one:D I probably couldnt get one around here also.
  • Yeah - they hardly need any. And not much heat either. When I moved out I gave mine to a local zoo - it had a massive tank with moss and bark all over it: a proper display. It had cool lighting and about two crickets in the whole tank. People do need a bit more education before they get one. A lot of them are endangered now cos of us lot. They were shipped really badly - I think at one point only 1 in 6 was surviving shipment - stupid business. And you can't "under-handle" them either!
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