arachnids - Black Widow Attacks Crickets

Black Widow Attacks Crickets

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  • Nice video to
  • no its your pet how is she now ??
  • They probably aren't as rare as you think, they are hard to find wherever they are. A lot more common on farms and such though. But she insta-killed those crickets, that was crazy. Scary spider.
  • You should judge.
  • what if black widows were the main key for a cure for AIDS? that would be awesome since they multiply by the thousands...hmm. BUT i hunt them down and kill every relative they know!! LOL
  • This comment is three years old. lawl
  • Holy fuck. Dude lookwhoyouare is my Old Youtube Comment...I replied to the account I lost, to a comment i made 3 years ago...small fucking world
  • Why don't you KILL it so the POPULATION won't grow.
  • Well, he does have it contained so I think that the population won't be a problem.
  • I dont consider it my pet. I have cats those are pets. This is just one bad ass spider I caught at my workplace. Probably one of the only Black Widows that are living in Wisconsin with the exception of ones that were brought here for Universities to study. The one I have hitchhiked here and made its way into the warehouse where I worked at. Just cause its a lil dangerous doesnt mean it should be killed. They are very rare here and really I only took it to post some videos on here.
  • @bmx5607 I live in Idaho and I'll see black widows every once and a while here. They tend to not attack at less they feel threatened (if they are in your clothes or shoe or something). Also, fatalities from Black Widow bites are actually rare. Most people don't even go to the hospital but will feel ill for a few days. They tend to be more dangerous to infants and the elderly....
  • I have one myself and I enjoy it for the same reason I enoy the bearded dragons that I have. Theyre cool to admire but unlike the beardies its bad to hold them. As long as the person knows that I dont see why these could be an "oh my god he has one as a pet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" type of pet. I care for mine as much as I care for my dogs.
  • cool
  • can my Pinktoe Tarantula (Avicularia avicularia) have you black widdow spider lol he would teach it a lesson im sure
  • Where did you keep her in the mean time? And how did you get the bugs in ther for her to feed?
  • @CheesyCheetah yup whe are way more dangerous
  • @CheesyCheetah i dont remember how many i kill those spider in my back yard......god they are so deadly and some time they are violent too if you carelessly touch her nest......
  • they always put webs all over the enemies o.o dayum :o
  • we see lots of these in California.. Your lucky that you have only seen a couple!
  • Kkf00 if I were u I would set up the whole house on fire n listen to the song by eminem n rihana I like the way u lie
  • @CheesyCheetah "yes it is now my Pet lol." ?
  • You shouldnt have a black widow as a pet.
  • @lookwhoyouare Sure you could, they aren't agressive. They are pretty, fascinating, and actually very friendly.
  • U kept it as ur pet lol
  • I think its great you saved this amazing spider, they are so interesting ! I think its fascinating how a little creature like this can be so "strong". You did the right job man ;)
  • @IDmann700 dude as soon as i read knock out i heard knock out in my
  • Haha yah. I know. I just saw it and had to say something.
  • Whoops...I meant 'you shouldn't judge'.
  • I also have one I caught by my apt complex's hot tub. When i caught her she looked like a garden spider (orange and brown coloration, no bulbous rear end) feed her meal worms, after two molts she lost her color and last molt was pure black and grew a large rear end. I keep her in a 4x4x6 plex case with a hole drilled in the top and some cotton wadding stuffed in for air, she still loves her mealworms! she laid an egg sac but i'm pretty sure she's a virgin. destroyed it just in case.
  • Wow.
  • im sorry but thats a ultimate killing machine much like terminator lol
  • @CheesyCheetah i see wehre ur comming from but look up black widow spider bite....not a lil dangerous more like deadly
  • I live in Eastern Washington (State). A million live under the crawl space of my house.
  • holy shitt. knock out punch muchh?
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