arachnids - Kelfezond - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula - Tartan Tarantula Unboxing

Kelfezond - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula - Tartan Tarantula Unboxing

From (od) : Kelfezond | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 10:37 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 7086 | rating (ocena) 4.3913045 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Kelfezond - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula - Tartan Tarantula Unboxing.

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  • why own T's if you're still scared of them? O_o
  • Fear keeps you alive, my friend! Tis the brave and fool hardy that perish promptly! Haha. 
  • Looking to buy more ts any one know how ships them chep. 
  • I was scared of spiders too, I jumped into Ts just like you. Where'd you get those cool enclosures mate?
  • where did you get that terrarium?
  • I'm new to caring for T's and what i use to 'prod' them i guess you call it is a long Q-tip. Don't know if that's the best thing to use, but it seems reasonable. Feedback and advice would be appreciated. I am trying to care for my T the best i can and obtain all the knowledge possible! :)
  • Oh man i love how scared but fascinated u are just like me
  • LOL why are you keeping so many T's if you're terrified of them? 
  • @Kelfezond which the measure that your terrarium?
  • Hey mate. You shouldn't be scared of spiderlings, they cannot penetrate your skin if they tried biting you, so take a deep breath and relax. I agree with 1980Cog, paintbrushed are the best to move a tarantula. The enclosure may be the wrong one, for these tarantulas, as they aren't aboreal, but are ground dwelling spiders, that also like to climb from time to time. You should try adding more tiny things like plastic leafes in there, so they can anchor their web. They tend to eat little when spiderlings, yet seem to be very fast and precise when attacking their prey . Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens are fast and skittish even when matureHope I could help =)
  • If you want to move them with something its best to use a paint brush so its soft. You seem so scared of them lol
  • Interesting! I'll have to look into that!
  • It's a good job you weren't in the film Hellraiser, you wouldn't even get the box open! Good vid, once again, it's nice to see the other animals in your collection.
  • Ere Ts thats size id keep in them Film pots till there bigger then put them into the bigger enclosures
  • Next time mate use the tweezers to pull the wadding out of the packaging the you don't have to touch the t with tongs. Just a suggestion mind
  • Where did you get those enclosures from ???
  • they look good ! might wanna' think about smaller enclosures.. according to peter roach and various other sources, spiders in smaller enclosures grow faster
  • I try to strive to be capable in all aspects of Exotic Pet keeping from the snakes I love to the spiders I don't love quite so much :)
  • £4.50 from Tesco :D
  • LOL this vid had me laughing so hard so scared of them escaping :P nice T's though
  • Great vid Kelf. Had to chuckle at you being scared though, lol. What'd you buy 'em for?
  • Great vid Steve :-)
  • The enclosures are actually acrylic plastic so easy enough to drill through without breaking.
  • Nice additions....congrats!...subbed!
  • also how did you drill the holes in the glass on those enclosures?
  • I always hate unboxing Ts, had so many just dart out of the packaging and run up your arm
  • Amazing spider!
  • gosh damn those boxes :P lol x
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