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How to keep your livefood alive

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  • Why can't you be bothered?
  • I knew I should have bought that fucking cricket keeper, HAha, guess I'm going back to the pet store
  • love you're shirt Royal Canine
  • Thanks for the video! I buy 50 at a time for my bearded dragon and about 10-20 of them die out of that. I have a cricket keeper already but maybe I'll buy a bigger one and use that stuff you put at the bottom. Right now im using Flukers orange cubes which is supposed to be a full meal water+food. But maybe ill try the gel and stuff you have on the bottom combo.
  • Bug grub works OK as long as you don't use too much in one go and depending on how long the crickets are going to be in there. Not long in our case but I can see if you are keeping them for weeks it could get to be a problem.
  • why aren't those crickets jumping? the ones I have jump a lot and make it hard for me to keep them in the tank when I clean it.
  • May be the size, the smaller ones jump more. A few minutes (only) cooling in the fridge will calm them down a little.
  • thanks this was very helpful
  • No, tubes are no good for larger locusts. Better to just get a large faunarium.
  • Thanks for the info
  • i dont do mine like this i use containers for food and water solubles. I use paper towel in the bottom to help keep the cricket keeper clean , the food and solubles keep clean and healthy without poop all over them... they keep up to 2 weeks... 40 in a small, i might get 1-4 dead ones but i pick them out asap..
  • Yeah, that EGG CARTON... those things can be a real nuisance n trying to shut the lid. Cold crickets can still cling. A month ago I accidentally left crickets in the very cold fridge for twelve hours. Within an hour of taking them out, there were signs of life and a lot were revived, though they sort of hugged the ground when walking. None of them were able to hop again.
  • mine are in there for weeks and bug grub is not as good for the reptile i just use veg scraps like from the veggies you feed and what you feed your feeders you are also feeding your pet so you have to be careful.
  • Very informative, thank you. I'm getting my first spider, so I'm thinking of setting up something similar but for cockroaches.
  • Very educational, and also very cool. I am getting a Beardie in a few days, so I will def be getting one of these.
  • BAD idea for flooring, crickets poo non- stop so your bug grub will turn into shit grub fast (I use wood chippings to stop this)
  • Usually bran so it's food as well. If you are cooling the crickets just get hold of the egg carton and slowly tun it over inside the tub and all the bran should fall off but the crickets cling on (as long as you don't over cool them so they go torpid).
  • Joe Lauriello. I would love to do more videos but at the moment I am busy developing our new online store and new Epos system. Since it is only me doing everything (blogging, emailing, accounts, adding stock to the system, marketing and running the shop on my own I just don't have time to make vids at the moment. Once I get over this period I can get back on it.
  • they to so much better with very little light, i try and keep them in a dark place...
  • It shouldn't be necessary if you use fresh carrot or water gel. It can cause the bran or crumb (we use chick crumb) to go mouldy. You could spray a little on one side (we do this with spiderlings and it works quite well).
  • more vides :D
  • Is it ok to put a little spritz of water in the keeper? i have one for my leopard gecko's.
  • xxxkris44 If you are keeping cockroaches don't forget to put a thick line of petroleum jelly around the top rim. Otherwise the little so and sos will be out and about!
  • Uploader what is that sawdust stuff they come with? I've always found it annoying and messy even when I put the crickets in a fridge for 30 minutes. In fact the unconscious crickets blend with the stuff so it's hard to pick them out without my reading glasses. And getting them out the cheap awkward tubs when they are lively is a test of patience...
  • We are now stocking jelly pots of protien gel which are even better as they provide enough protien to allow the crickets to grow as well as provide the moisture to keep them alive.
  • How large are the tubes on the different Cricket Keeper sizes? My beardie's on 4th moult locusts so I don't really want to pay out for a Keeper just to find the locusts don't/can't fit into the tubes. :/
  • For locusts, I use an Exo Terra breeder, based with terrarium moss and I put one or two old silk plants in. I rinse frozen carrot under the tap ( to remove pesticides ) and feed them that. I spray the unit occasionally for drinking water. The locusts stay a healthy yellow and grow large which is great for my Dead Leaf mantis. It's easy catching the locusts due to the small cubic area they're in.
  • Yep that's what I did in the end. Faunarium with 4x4 egg boxes inside it for hiding. :)
  • Nice, do they need any kind of light? I was planning to have them in my basement.
  • More information, szamba ogłoszenia - here.