arachnids - catching a tarantula

catching a tarantula

From (od) : Gerald Singer | Travel & Events | time (czas) 02:14 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 14660 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | catching a tarantula.

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  • Beautiful tarantula.
  • I love T's, they are cool 
  • OMG! WHY would you want to mess with that scary looking spider?
  • That's no geniculata that's a theraphosa stirmi
  • what a beautiful creature!
  • WAw you look like michael jordan man!!! no offence....
  • nice. Great vid of a great person doin it correct..
  • its cool seeing a tarantula go into its hole :)
  • what country you in?
  • Shot on St. John in the US Virgin Islands
  • Don't know. I never realized it until Ghost pointed it out in the video. Gerald
  • i wish i have a flame trower
  • its great...i wanna do that..hunting tarantulas is cool..i have 3 now.
  • that is good professional catching
  • i live in maidstone so i cant find t,s :(
  • thats an aphonapelma seemani its a docile tarantula,try fidling around with a trapdoor spider next time..
  • If you fuck in this hole ..
  • Great video and respect for mother nature love the way he led it back to its hole
  • i thought i was the only one who did this except i use fishing line and a split shot weight and i was catching big wolf spiders, we dont have tarantulas in kansas that i know of. great video man
  • its absolutely Cyrtopholis flavostriata, from Virgin Islands The hard substance is silk, several layers thick. No, most american species do not put such a thick collar of silk around the entrance hole. Nice Vid, thanks for treating the spider with respect, whilst educating others.
  • spider wasp or wax?
  • a big tarantula, worth a few pound no doubt, not sure what species it is, looks bigger than your average Aphonapelma species...
  • Oh lord that scared me
  • Awsome Geniculata
  • thanx for sharing!
  • Do ALL tarantulas put that hard substance around the perimeter of their dens?
  • Cool, If you leave them out too long why do they die? BTW you are BRAVE!!!!!
  • Great vid!!! 5*s
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