arachnids - Catching a tarantula in ACWW

Catching a tarantula in ACWW

From (od) : AznMegan777 | Entertainment | time (czas) 00:29 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 2049 | rating (ocena) 3.6666667 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Catching a tarantula in ACWW.

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  • Scientific Name Brachypelma smithi Appearences Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk Location On Ground Date Availability June - August Time Availability 7pm - 4am Sales Price 8,000 Bells
  • nice im trying catch a tarantula in cityfolk this summer
  • you catch em in summer at 7pm at night, they dont like so many trees around so make sure if you have alot of trees? cut em down, happy hunting.
  • Well done
  • How you catch one plz resquest the answer i want yo know
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