arachnids - The British Tarantula Society Annual Show 2013

The British Tarantula Society Annual Show 2013

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  • Planning to go this year, I'll have £350 to spend which it looks like I'll have to carry in cash, mum says I can only come back with 3 T's max but I really don't think I have that level of control :'D
  • Nul tres mauvaise vidéo on ne vois rien que des boîtes trop vite filmer
  • Where did you get that acrylic tank from?
  • Wetting my appetite for the end of the month... 
  • Wish we had 1 of these in NJ! :)
  • is it cheeper to buy at the bts show?????
  • Great vid next best thing to beibg there. Thanks for posting :)
  • wow you included the local t's here in out country in the Philippines the filipino orange
  • I'm so jealous! Thanks for taking the time to make this video! Lovely girl you got there!
  • Some of those prices were very cool, don't think there's any invert shows at all in Norfolk. Gutted. (If I'm wrong, someone please let me know obviously :) ).
  • Thanks thespiderooms for your vídeo, i cant go there but you take me there whit you video
  • great vid bro ;)
  • Yes, very nice long vid. Thanks for the extensive coverage.
  • lol! yeah sorry I decided to leave it all in the video so people could just see all the stands. Not sure who's stand that was at 22.46 they didn't have a name banner sorry?
  • Nice T man!
  • They're beautiful, I'm thinking of getting one as my next tarantula!
  • are they can ship t's here in the Philippines? i'm looking a p.ornata mature female
  • awesome mate i couldnt make this year but hopefully may bump into you next year congrats an the balfouri mate i have an adult female there awesome one of my favs
  • HI Mate, I have no idea how I missed you, I actually went looking for you lol. I spotted you in the lecture (that I missed) and I had to leave around 2:30, never mind. No need to give me an obt mate, very kind gesture though thanks. I had your slings but ended up bringing them back with me, we'll have to arrange a meeting and place next time for sure, be great to catch up!
  • Haha, well last year there were at least 4 people that I was looking out for and I didn't see any of them... just goes to show how busy it is. Yes next year we'll arrange a place and I'll buy a few balfouri slings off you if all goes well :)
  • Gimmie gimme !
  • hello! Nice video and great show! We also have a kind show. if I may - here's the video: city ​​of Kharkiv, 4-5 May 2013. the show has a slightly different format. first - show, sale - secondary. maybe we are not so popular with spiders, so the main task is to show the attractiveness etihh creatures)
  • Thanks mate, yeah, my other balfouri is a penultimate male i think so hopefully I wil have a breeding video in the near future with these. Thanks
  • Thanks for filming the show, I didn't film while I was there so I've linked this in my video. How did we manage not to find one another? I had a 2.5" female OBT with me to trade for the slings if you wanted her. Oh well next year we'll have to decide on a meeting place if you fancy a chat.
  • Nice vid and congrats for the awesome balfouri! Breeding those are not that Hard. Careful my female killed the Male! Thumb up for this vid
  • yes dude definitely our local t's here is awesomee
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