arachnids - Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Eating

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Eating

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  • u have a pet tarantula you freak
  • lmao thanks mate :(
  • omg fuck that scares the shit out of me. feel sorry if u ever bring a girl into your room damn.
  • Nicee Does it snipe on gears LOL
  • lol i will soon mate, jus keep askin for the snake n youll get it, thts how i got my spiders lol
  • @IKOSIJIGSAW snakes mostly loose fights against spiders ( when their size is the same ) cause snakes cant see spiders with their thermal imaging thing.
  • lol scary shit
  • ur snake wouldnt stand a chance against my biggest one
  • fukin disgusting
  • SPIDERS SHOULDNT HAVE HAIR. THATS NOT A PET. :\ 5* for freaking me out.
  • theyre hidden away lol x
  • uhhh dunno how yr can keep this as a pet creep shit out of me
  • do u leave that tank open :/ if u do your insane
  • rather you than me mate
  • lol i was takin the piss i want a snake though parents wont let me though... upload a vid of ur biggest spider that 1 was massive but i like animals
  • dude that thing would have food for the rest of its life if i allowed it to eat me LOL
  • wow :|
  • Fuckin not even funny :\ Can't believe you keep this as a so called 'pet' :\ 5*
  • ass on it
  • i will mate, what snake u got like?
  • I saw a Goliath spider at a Butterfly Safari zoo near Edinburgh. Largest species in the world. What amazed me was its ability to jump across its glass case in a second - which is frighteningly quick for something that large...maybe I shouldn't have tapped on the glass...
  • show me ur biggest 1 m8
  • lol ive had this one since i was 11
  • my snake would eat that for break fast
  • lol its got fuckin beautiful eyes <3
  • wtf lol
  • lol
  • Nice
  • More information, słoma - here.