arachnids - Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

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  • step on it to hear what kind of noise it makes
  • cool, this species has been replaced by the chile rose in the pet trade now and these r very rare coz of this, but i think the redkness a bigger and more beautiful tarantula. i hope thats a female u have there- look after it, check out my vids also and u will see i also own a couple of tarantulas too and im hoping to get a corn snake soon
  • I have a corn snake, and want to get a tarantula... lol.
  • fantastic looking B. smithi. I've just put a deposit on one.
  • The Smithi is a very docile, predictable, and beautiful tarantula. I heard they rarely bite.
  • *screams* AHHHHHH!!! you actually let a HUGE spider walk all over your hands?!?! well, they're beautiful, but STILL!!!!
  • Nice vid, how did you get it so you could hold it without making it shake on you?
  • hey ashmash, yeah u shud get a tarantula, they r excellent,i own a corn snake and 2 tarantulas, check out my vids
  • hi there, i hate those big skinny legged ones but tarantulas are wikid! i think i need to hold a red knee to get over my fear of spiders coz i think as long as im safe holding one ill be ok, id enjoy it if i wasnt in danger
  • I like the colours on it.
  • Nice !!!!!!!!!!!
  • thats well lush that
  • same, I hav my juvie candy cane corn and am gettin a mex red knee this week!
  • I have had a look at some of your vids, but most of them are really low fps - some vids are when I watch them, its like 1 or 2 frames per second! The bits I saw were good though!
  • how do you buy them???
  • never touch that thing!!!! only touching id do would be stepping on it!
  • how beautiful
  • brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ..
  • cool im getting one soon a spiderling though
  • great vid, i have a vid of mine, shes not quite as big but shes gettin there! you gota love em! just a quick RE on that comment above about the roseas, they are more popular because of there ease and docility, these Smithis are docile but sheesh can they b skittish! all the best you tarantula lovers, Dave.
  • Brachypelma smithi, beautiful creatures!
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