arachnids - 2007 Porsche Cayman S Cobalt Blue Metallic

2007 Porsche Cayman S Cobalt Blue Metallic

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  • +superwhatwhat2010 A 2007-2009 can be found in the low 30's with low mileage and some even with Porsche warranty still running.Best budget sportscar if you ask me.I just love the Cayman.
  • About how much do these go for now ?
  • Really? Thank You. My Dad has been looking around for a Porsche Cayman or Boxster for less than $45,000. I am going to get him to see this video and may convince him to consider this Porsche Cayman in this video to purchase from your dealership.
  • No sport chrono package and a tiptronic? No BOSE Stereo option? Not a good choice at all. Why people would go cheap and not get the sport chrono package is beyond me. Also that steering wheel would be better if it were the sport wheel. Still a nice car for your wife I guess.
  • $39k. 561-714-3679
  • What is the current price on this Porsche Cayman S?
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.