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Common Tarantula Behavior | Pet Tarantulas

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  • Eat, stay happy and live enough to mate.Not so different from my redneck cousins.
  • I'm addicting to watching these tarantula vids on youtube. I never in million years would have thought I would want to own a T but I'm seriously considering it now. They just seem like really interesting pets and there's so many different kinds.
  • i am not getting one but...I did hear they are very docile and unless provoked dont bite...but i hear they make great pets..
  • I have 3 and I always see them with their leg in their teeth what is this about 
  • God I love these. 
  • wut if u put a male and a female tarantula in the same cage
  • Thanks for all the info, I love the practicality of your explainations.
  • That's good. This is probably a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. Can you tame a tarantula in other words befriend it like you could a dog or cat?
  • Tarantulas are cool. Do they make good pets though?
  • Wtf
  • why?
  • Hi
  • Fuck that's scary
  • i feel nasty
  • Nice vid
  • i am absolutly scared of spiders but oddly enough the trantulas i just looked at in this video are kinda cute looking but i'd just have a problem with feeding them (scared or insects except butterflies, common house flies, small nats, non killer ants, worms even though i dont wanna touch them, and lunar moths because the look like butterflies and are pretty looking but everything else just keep away from me) and them biting me :T
  • I was thinking about getting a female until I heard millions of baby's
  • why?
  • I feel tingles everywhere on my body!!!! O.o OMG!!!! Help me!!!!
  • I see.
  • OMG!!! i need a bath
  • I'd like to mate with a Tarantula!
  • bitch!
  • only a f***ing nut would keep a tarantula as a pet
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