arachnids - Baby Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Baby Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

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  • How much times a week do u have to feed her,im getting mine in spring from reptile cymru,and somebody make a chilean sling care video.
  • My Rosea sling never wants to go back inside her tank. She displays when I try to persuade her to go one way! She likes to wander and is pretty fast at times. She has flicked dome hairs once or twice, but mostly she is pretty relaxed.
  • Omfuckingawwwlfkvnklvn CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! My tarantula is now 7 years old. She wasn't THAT small when I got her. Now I have to get another one at that age! I love baby tarantulas!!!
  • EEEE!!!! i remember when my curly hair was that small X3
  • what the heck... somehow that is actually cute. lol. I just got a rosehair tarantula from petsmart. My first spider... haven't picked it up yet. kinda nervous to. Petsmart didn't really handle it. It's still young . Where did you buy your baby from?
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