arachnids - Housing my tarantulas - spiderlings (babies) juveniles and a sub-adult. How-to guide

Housing my tarantulas - spiderlings (babies) juveniles and a sub-adult. How-to guide

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  • I would put a few little air holes in the top with a needle, but other then that this video is perfect!
  • great video, great to see someone who takes good care of their tarantulas, and they're so cute too, i remember when my Mexican red knee was that small, 
  • how do they breath?
  • Good job Miss P :). As a fellow aussie who has kept t's for several years I can indeed attest to your methods. Good ta see the australian sp on youtube. Just ignore the unknowledgeable and keep is .... as is :)
  • Substrate?@Miss Phanton Fangs
  • Thanks for your videos Miss Phantom Fangs, I have only just got my first Turantula and I'm a huge arachnophobe and your videos have been a great help the past few weeks in prepping myself physically and emotionally.
  • Great vids! :) Since I'll be getting my first T, an Eupalaestrus campestratus (PZB) sling, in April, and you evidently have lots of experience: how could I house it best? And do you recommend heat mats against the sides? (it can be quite cold in our home, so I thought to put the sling's enclosure with its side against the heat mat on the side of the vivarium of my mantis)
  • i am using the same container for a eunice sling with half a coir peat pot which grows green dots on the pot quickly how do i stop that or do l just take out the pot
  • And use a paint brush for god sake smh
  • what is the size of your sling?
  • I read this thread sad you should look at other videos as to how to raise tee those enclosures are too big 
  • hi , i would like to know whether should i make a few air holes for my slings' container and it is a MUST ?
  • U should put less soil too little pace for moving
  • Sound advice for yourself there ;)
  • No, I dont have holes for most of my spiders. They like the high humidity. Opening the container once a week to feed and spray is sufficent. Their book lungs are designed amazingly.
  • ok cool any for sale?
  • can u do an update on these guys?
  • Just sayin i wish i lived in ausrtailia! i love the accent!
  • Yes all Australian Tarantulas are bird eating spiders - so the spiderlings in this video are bird eaters
  • Fick off
  • do you have any spiderling bird eating spiders?
  • Haha omg I had to pause the video because I thought one of my crickets was loose haha
  • I can but they won't necessarily be the same spiders - I have 5 of each...
  • Thankyou :) Depends on conditions you keep them in and how often you feed them but mine are growing like crazy and moulting all the time
  • I get most ofmine from a licenced local collector in QLD
  • Haha thankyou
  • LOL
  • i noticed that your spiderlings' containers do not have any air holes. is that because they may escape? wont they be needing constant ventilation? in that case, how often do you open the lid for gas exchange?
  • great video as all of your videos! what is tarantula growth rate like?
  • More information, sadzonki rabarbaru - here.