arachnids - Tito & Tarantula - Back to the House That Love Built

Tito & Tarantula - Back to the House That Love Built

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  • Back to the House That Love Built
  • +Suresh Gundappa Thanks Suresh
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  • We just want to see what's in the case...
  • Crazy guitar riff on this song
  • "Just in case..."Just finished watching the movie on Hulu. Damn good film.
  • I love the guitar in the beginning ♡
  • From Desperado one of the greatest movies ever made
  • Yeah great song. ...I stop by here and their to play it on YouTube. Desperado is one of the best movies forever. And I feel that TITO And Tarantula played great parts in it. Their songs were truly made for this and vise versa. Class of its own*
  • Any non vocal versions ?
  • Asi es, vato loco, good song
  • Anyone know the song they played right before this?? (When he talks to the boys in the hospital (it's like a backing guitar song)
  • What you know vato
  • Then Jeff healey
  • Sounds better
  • Truely
  • Its in the film as well.
  • same here
  • шикарное исполнение
  • just watched desperado for the 10th time or so, can't believe i never noticed the bad ass song at the end of the film
  • Simply sexy...
  • My current theme song
  • badass
  • This song and movie kick everything else's ass
  • 0:14 <3 Back to the house that love built <3 .
  • Choooon!!
  • Yummie that twinger-sound
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