arachnids - Stella the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Wrapping Crcket.

Stella the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Wrapping Crcket.

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  • my chile rose has done that once with a locust after she killed it, she dropped it sprayed silk over it,picked it back up in her fangs and carried on eating it, god knows y, hey ur one seems to be a night hunter only!
  • Thats alright. But, whats awsome about the Stripekneed Tarantula, is that they've been known to spin silk with its feet!
  • thats about it size wise
  • Man, everyone's giving me so many different answers. Besides, this one molted again after this time, so it can't be. Anyway, I heard that even after that last time it molted, it has one molting to go.
  • That's true, I see mine mostly at night. She does catch a few crickets at a time during the day though. Thanks for subscribing!
  • Actually, you,re doing well. I am in Spanish 4 class, and you would probably do the same thing to me. But I didn't find any error. So, How big is your's. Mine is about 4.5 inches from leg tip to leg tip. I don't know how big they are supposed to get!?
  • Thanks anyway!
  • interesting video. I have always been fascinated by arthropods, including spiders, though I will admit that I am not necessarily comfortable with spiders near me, but just the same, I think they are awesome creatures.
  • Hi Stella!! Nice web!! Yesterday I finally get my seemani, it's name is Adidas (because of the stripes... lol) I just cant wait to finish work and go home to see how it's doing. sorry about my bad english, Im from Spain (see my video and comment, please)
  • Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that. How big do they get? Would you say they get as big, or bigger than a rosehaired? Also, thanks for subscribing!
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