arachnids - Gorgeous Black BRAZILIAN Women ! ( Part 3)

Gorgeous Black BRAZILIAN Women ! ( Part 3)

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  • I watched all 3 parts of the Gorgeous Black Brazilian Women Video and I must say I was shocked by the comments in the first, second and some of the Third Video, as if them being mixed matters I see more African features than I do White, most of you praises Brazilians for their African body structure anyways and to be honest that is kind of what they are known for, their body. their skin is BLACK and that is all that matters never mind what they're mixed with or their ancestors family tree, they are BLACK in the present they have a African culture and have African features which you can clearly see and that's what matters most.White People didn't even like girls with big butts until Black People started liking it, you guys always copying whatever we do. Stick to the pale white skinny girls that you guys praise so much and put in all your fashion shows and runways, you never wanted girls like these anyways so why the change of heart?Overall +1MysteriousWorld it was a Good Video and Overall a good series, I hope you do more videos of Black Women all around the world i would surely appreciate it.
  • They are BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL can't stand when people try and define certain blacks as if they are different that's why they claim now we are minorities no no no we are majority we are all around the world use to be if u were mix with anything else other than black u were of another race but anytime u mix with black u are black.. by them doing this that is what led to blacks really being the biggest race there are so many people mixed with black regardless they are blacks no matter how dark or how light only thing different about some blacks are the culture and hair type but we are still alllllllllllllllll black!!!!!!!!! Black Asians black Brazilian black and white mixed American black Philippines black everywhere 
  • Most of the women in this video aren't black. They may have some African ancestry but I wouldn't label them as black.
  • All the women in this video are MIXED! NOT BLACK!
  • this beatifull womans are not only african desendeant , they awesome woman are product from an mixed african ,portuguese,french an spanish , people,, what a beatufil mix..the most beatifull black ladys in the world
  • Gorgeous Black BRAZILIAN Women ! ( Part 3):
  • beautiful all theese women give basic Kim k a run for the money.
  • These are all beautifyl blace women. So proud to be black. They are from brazil thats why they are called brazilen wome but thier ethnicity is of african descent. They are black so who all saying their mix thier not. Yall just jealous because their of african descent. 
  • Best looking on the planet tied with Ethiopians and Somali..and they have their own jealous.
  • And I hate FAKE breast and @ss.
  • When u go to these countries and visit other countries they alllllllllllllllll have darker people within there culture Mexican, Puerto Rican, asian, china, japan, everywhere there are people who are like them but dark like me ... it's crazy because we are looked at like there is something wrong with us because of out skin when there is soon many more people around the world just like us just with different cultures and hair types .... this shows me there nothing wrong with any of us one thing about all of them like me they have some type of color figure to them whether it's black brown or tan they are not WHITE!!!! weird ones are the whites they have no melanin in them. So they don't get color like blacks or majority of the world we are superior
  • The US does have women that look like this especially around the newark new jersey area. Beautiful dark skin and light skin brazilian women....nothing like beautiful women of color especially brazilian women as a white man going off of past experiences and relationships i have no desire for white women whatsoever.
  • Makes me want to learn Portugeus
  • Gorgeous Black BRAZILIAN Women ! ( Part 3):
  • Most white people don't understand the culture of us, Black people.In the black culture doesn't exist only dark skin people, we can be also brown or light skin person. Dark skin or light skin we will still be family, and to represent each other we use the term ''Black people''. Because together we are ONE. Only people of African decent and who are proud of their african decent can be called ''Black People''.
  • where is my passport at!?
  • Wow! I'm better not going there... I risk too much coming back married;-)
  • anybody know the model at 0:31?
  • Wow love brazil 
  • I'd love to know the name of the model at 0:41Brazilian women are beautiful
  • I am Proud to Be Brazilian Amor Brasileira!
  • Yes these women beautiful but most black americans are mixed as well... men are saying they are tired of black american women but not all women are the same... what they should bw saying is how they hate the westernized culture..
  • As always, your outstanding work is grately appreciated.Going to Brazil is definitely on my "Bucket List".Thanks for sharing the beauties of that enchanted land!
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  • .....OH BABE......excuse my drooling..................... does anyone have a napkin? never mind leave it lol mane this is it right here! # Im just a guy...... 
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  • The girl in 2:57 is me . I think I have my cousins neymars eyes lol
  • I Love you !!!
  • What song is that?
  • Hope God Bless me with a woman just like the one at 00:24
  • Gourgeos beautiful women....almost no way to describe such beauty.
  • What's the name of that song?
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