arachnids - Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Getting in Trouble

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Getting in Trouble

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  • She obviously loves you, and just wants another hug.
  • A tarantula knows that is not the place to molt, they aren't stupid - she would be down on ground or in burrow with a nice molt mat spun, not clinging to a screen top above a few silk leaves!
  • got a shutgun in my hand to shoot the spider i love ants :(
  • XD i would probably get a mini gun and shoot at the thing till its polvurized then id burn it with fire and be screaming KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!
  • I know. I'm waiting on that. (:D
  • Read the description and please do comment. Thanks for watching. Much more coming!
  • It isn't doing much, but the reason it is "getting in trouble," is because they are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CLIMBING!!!!
  • Maybe humidity? or temp? idk, im just getting into the tarantula world lol, just got my gf a Pink Toe for her bday. I almost bought her a striped knee but I thot she would like something that climbed. But I guess some do lol.
  • You: I'll go take a look at my tarantula *Puts on the lights* You: ... What the hell are you doing? Spider: Oh sh.. Who me? Pff.. nothing much.. just chillin' ya know?
  • Me cago en todo.. I'm leaving Costa Rica next week because this.. Shit, that shit fucking scare..
  • Yeah, I know. But, since all spiders have different personalities, This one rarely uses her log, and prefers to hide under the plants instead. I don't know why, but I think it may have something to do with her getting trapped in the log when danger comes. Thanks for the info anyway!
  • @koreath It's a she.
  • Are you kidding me? Tarantulas molt on there backs. And, they are not supposed to be climbing. Now you tell me. If this is a molt, what will catch the spider when she is done? Obviously, the silk is not strong enough.
  • lol yea I just gave it to her this morning, she freaked! well in a good way! she loves it she cant wait to take it out of its cage but I told her to let it get used to its new environment and everything first lol. And yes she loves spiders, but all of her friends think im wierd because about a month ago I caught an Assassin wheel bug and gave it to her.
  • I enjoy this because I read it in the voice I give my tarantula.
  • Wow! This is like, the highest resolution video I ever got! Anyway, this tarantula was safely brought down with no injuries!!! (:D
  • My specimen just molted last night, and I couldn't even see a dark patch because of bluish hairs. She had a deformed leg. When she molted her leg came back, but the zebra stripes are very faint on the leg. Mine hasn't shown me a threat posture yet, but she was flicking a lot of hairs in terms of aggression. I just picked up 5 new Ts
  • Yeah. Now she's not eating, and being a little more aggressive now. An egg sack maybe?
  • holy shit! biggest spider ever!! and u caught him trying to sneak out XD
  • Nice! Well, Have a great day, and thank you for watching!!!(:D
  • Thanks. I am aware of that. Mine has stopped climbing ever since I gave her a burrow. Now she never leaves that.
  • What was your gf's reaction? Does she like spiders?
  • how much did you pay for that thing?
  • lol Too Bad! Naw, I guess I will do it if her hairs aren't so itchy an if she didn't show off her fangs to me the other day. lol
  • I just saw them. They look very nice!
  • Thank you. This one tends to make a closed off burrow right before she molts.
  • Lol, reading these comments makes the spider sound as a very cute little kitty pet... That thing is huge and omg scary... It's impressive because I can't stand spiders, they're so so so scary... But yet they're very interesting and I just love them... when they're NOT in my bedroom or in my house or close to me.
  • I actually did something better (even though she no longer climbs now). Raise the soil level, because I also learned that they do make a very spectacular burrow when they are up to it. Thanks!
  • she just loves to climb, mine does it too, just make sure that if she falls it is not a long fall as this can rupture her abdomen and could even kill her! the eating thing. dont worry mine doesnt eat very much neither. she will eat wen hungry.
  • Thanks, wait till you see them when they get older.
  • Yeah, I'm gonna post another video of this tarantula climbing next, then a video of her burrowing herself in premolt.
  • it's possible that your tarantula is just exploring. when i got my g. rosea, she did the exact same thing for ages and had the occasional fall which scared me to death every time. but she's ok now, she still tries to climb but she can't get enough traction on her grip and often plays with the air vent on the side. my b. smithi still climbs alot but has been trying to burrow.
  • costa rican tarantulas love climbing make a taller terrarium or flip that terrarium on its side
  • haha All the time. Honestly, this is no where close to the biggest. haha
  • More information, objawy chorób piersi - tu zerknij - here.