arachnids - *New Episode*: Rhino Stag Beetle *VS* Orange Baboon Tarantula [P3]

*New Episode*: Rhino Stag Beetle *VS* Orange Baboon Tarantula [P3]

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Comment (komentarze):

  • I've honestly never seen a stag beetle lose in a fight yet. I want a stag beetle to protect my family.
  • What is the metaphysical fuck was that white shit that sprayed everywhere in the beginning?
  • Beetles are pretty much un-beatable... The only thing that can beat them are bigger beetles..
  • Fate schifo, vergognatevi!
  • I'm no animal lover but I do feel like if the animal is so aware it's going to lose the fight it spends 95% of the video trying to get the fuck out of dodge then you can probably tell where this is going and don't need to go shoving it back in with a stick. After all if the animals not even fighting but just trying to run away what's the point? Pretty senseless if they aren't going at it. Beetles never lose, especially not to spiders who have no way to penetrate that shell. 
  • This is some what so unfiar, Spider have different type of strength and beetle have different type of strength. If spider was to fight is and open area, i would most likely bet my money on spider.
  • Right on beetle! fuck spiders. 
  • And YT permits this shit...
  • Fucking japanese assholes This animal-cruelty
  • Youre a fucking retard. The fangs of a tarantula that size wouldnt be capable of breaking that beetles exoskeleton. 
  • Beetle is like a tank
  • ok now let that bettle fight a 12 inch legspan t. blondi
  • is that white stuff blood
  • i really depends on place this is not a good masure of strenth with speed the taruntula is in a etventeged butt with power and muscle the beetle wins
  • 2:10 come at me spiders
  • :/ that's messed up...
  • I felt guilty watching this since I have a thing for tarantulas and I own some. To me, this was a complete mismatch, although the poor OBT has a nasty aggressive attitude, but it only showed it couldn't put up a fight against an armor-clad motherfucker. I felt sad for that guy and I admire his guts to face the beetle instead of jumping towards the camera man and sting the shit out of them.
  • tarantulas are so fukin fragile how could u feed it to a full hard armoured beetle
  • That spider got fucking ruined. GG beetle.
  • It is japanse
  • What is that white stuff ?
  • Stag Beetle: Like a Boss!
  • Fucking wankers
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