arachnids - Basic car for a Chilean rose hair tarantula

Basic car for a Chilean rose hair tarantula

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  • Thorax . . . it's a cephalothorax haha Plenty have mentioned that substrate bit. This comment is more for folks watching since you have probably changed up your enclosure by now haha
  • Now I have to buy a car for it too? Jeez...
  • This trend of making videos on subject on which one possesses only cursory knowledge is downright misleading and borders on deceit, albeit inadvertent. Many mistakes here, but Im sure you've corrected them by now. Adding an edit would be appreciated so that people watching this are not fooled by the misinformation. No bark/wood chips as substrate, much more substrate is needed if youre going to be housing it in an enclosure that tall, no sponge, no leaving crickets in cage. And, for this species, no heat pad, no misting, no touching the front legs with your fingers unless youre asking for a bite. The reasons for all have been elucidated by other commenters below. 
  • I'd love to get one but I'm afraid that feeding them is a nuisance with crickets because they are noisy, smell, and die quickly. how do people put up with that burden for years? wish it was like my old snake where you jsust pop a bunch of mice in the freezer. 
  • i had bark.before thats boy rose hair died im using zilla jungle mix 
  • hey man check out my rose hair i uploaded a vid tryna get more subs and people to like thanks 
  • you know its not a good idea to touch the front legs with your fingers, My rose hair was such a sweetheart but even after temper testing her, if you touched her front legs you would get bit.....
  • hey man check out my rose hair i uploaded a vid tryna get more subs and people to like thanks 
  • Don't use a sponge that harbours part pests etc also no need for a heatmat they like it cool and use eco earth or top soil I have a vid caresheet on my rosea if you wana look also I have subbed 
  • A few tips; that sponge in the water has no benefit, and can harbor bacteria. Also, heat pads aren't needed, and can harm the spider.
  • Car lol
  • Aren't*
  • Change to soil or eco earth , wood chips are horrible.
  • Nice vid! i got one just today and she's settling in and i can't wait to get her housee completely sorted and start handling her! thanks for the tips and tricks!
  • I am not afraid to hold my rosehair tarantula thx to u:D thx soooo much!!:D
  • Wonderful creatures nd brilliant video :)
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.