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Build a Terrarium - Laying Down the Foundation

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  • isn't the horticulture fabric defeating the purpose of the gravel?
  • Por favor seria posible explicarlo en español?
  • i just uses a layer of activated charcoal above the layer of gravel. i also generally use soil less soil, which you can find premixed at any garden shop.
  • Don't want to get your dirt all dirty.
  • What is the wooden thing behind you and where can I get one??
  • Is there anything else I can use instead of the horticultural fabric?
  • Lol that made me laugh..You talked to him like he was Oscar The Grouch off Sesame Street
  • Thank you so much! Honestly, I forgot these videos were even on YouTube! I filmed them about 5yrs ago, long before I was making my own videos....on office organizing. I still make terrariums and almost each one you see here is still alive and well. I'm honored to be called an "expert." If I am one, it's 100% self-taught. Back then there was virtually no one online teaching how to make terrariums. Thrilled to know so many find this helpful!
  • Telmo200, you are a very nasty, negative person. I made a terrarium using her method and it is thriving and is very pretty. Go get a good nights sleep...maybe that is why you are so grouchy.
  • Aww shucks. Thank you!
  • Where did you buy that tall champagne looking glass bowl? I'd love to do a terrarium in that one! Can I get in online?
  • you sir/madam are a fucking legend :D thanks for making me laugh
  • You are so welcome! Thank you for your kind words. I'm only seeing your comment now because I actually FORGOT these videos were on YouTube! I hope your terrariums are still alive and well!
  • Great video! Finally, a decent video on how to add plants to a real terrarium. These young kids on here dont know what a "terrarium" or real "vivarium" is and flood youtube with all these lame Exo Terra videos filled with snakes and plastic plants, thinking they are helping people. Fact is, a real terrarium has "live" plants, and that's it! So, its nice to finally get some basics from an expert on how to sustain living plants in these vivarium/terrarium environments.
  • I bought it at Home Goods! Almost all of my containers are from the thrift store, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. Sorry for my delay - only seeing this now as I forgot these videos were even ON YouTube!
  • god forbid the dirt gets dirty
  • I want to make a Terrarium made from cactus. Ouch....
  • Terrarium lady, you are Beautiful..... <3
  • thank you so much for sharing!
  • I have seen a few other vids on creating terrariums and the fabric wasn't mentioned; its not a necessary element.
  • Hello Casey! Thank you for providing the lectures on terrarium building. I had no idea what to do. Following your instruction I have made 3 terrariums and they are all thriving! You are a smart, beautiful and caring person I wish you much success!
  • Um yes it is necessary. If not the soil will eventually work its way into the gravel and then you have a smelly swamp. @Debkleinman - The black fabric is a weed block. It can be bought at any garden center.
  • I realize my reply is 3 years overdue, but thank you for the terrarium love! Glad to hear the videos helped and I hope your plants are still alive and well.
  • @iatakden I'm new to this. Why don't you like mixing the soil with the charcoal?
  • Can anyone tell me where to buy, preferably online, the black planting paper/fabric in small quantities or cut pieces ?
  • Great video! I love some of the nasty trolls below! Idiots
  • this is for a fish tank..... terrarium are dry for reptiles this video is stupid
  • what can i use instead of charcoal on my terrarium
  • You are a piece of human debris. Who died and made you "Queen Bitch"? She obviously knows what she is talking about, because what she does works. Get over it!
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