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Tarantula Setup Workshop

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  • That girl is such a badass.
  • That girl is such a badass.
  • Its like a puppy with 8 legs
  • Sure, that would work!
  • Vocês enviam para o Brasil ? Queria uma Aranhas dessas. Por mais que exista aqui milhares de espécies, não existe lojas especializadas. Fico no aguardo de seu contato. Obrigado
  • It's a custom tank that we sell on our website. I believe the tall cage was the Creative Habitat 9820 found in the "Other Cages" section of the online catalog.
  • What type of tarantula is that?
  • I've seen 8+ Avic Avic's in a single cage. They did fine, aside from the dramatically bigger ones ran into the smaller ones (Nothing was injured), just fang display and scurry xD. But they CAN be housed together without worry.
  • Hhhhhaaaaaa first
  • Read the description
  • what size tank is that?
  • Where u gonna put dat
  • We don't, actually...One of the cooler parts about an arboreal species IS the web! :)
  • a puppy with 8 legs XD
  • how do you prevent webbing???
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.