arachnids - Mexican Red Rump Tarantula

Mexican Red Rump Tarantula

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  • great tarantulas
  • I'd love to see a tarantula on a bike.....
  • my red rump is hiding it barely moves n eats and has burrowed into a corner n hasn't come out
  • Sure, they're pretty laid back, large enough not to be too delicate, and they're easy to care for.
  • This is the wrong video but I have a question with avicularia avicularia. What is the smallest/minimal dimensions for its enclosure? At my petstore, there is a 3 in avic in a 12x12x12 maybe larger. It seems pretty big. I prefer deli containers or kritterkeepers.
  • Like anything with a mouth, yes they can bite. They usually don't, though.
  • Great video
  • I could imagine a bite from a red rump would be far from pleasant. I know most tarantulas don't have the tendency to bite humans.
  • do they bike?
  • bite*
  • think it will be ready to molt. dont feed it or disturb as it could stress it and kill it
  • Is Red Rump easy too handling ? I found on the internet that it's skittish. Is that true ?
  • Do you suggest the red rump as a beginner tarantula?
  • Avics build really neat, intricate webs and do enjoy having some space in their enclosure. You can keep them in a mini critter keeper, and they'd be alive, but if housing a group then at least a 12 x 12 x 12 is needed. I've seen a group of 4 housed in a 20" x 12 x 12" terrarium and they did quite well. It's not ALWAYS a bad thing to give them space!
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