arachnids - King Baboon cleaning up after eating mouse

King Baboon cleaning up after eating mouse

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  • Hadsatriani dont come on here and slander me when u have NO IDEA of the type of person i am, what i know and what i dont.If you had done your research properly, then u would know that a mouse to larger tarantulas is beneficial as long as it is only 1 or 2 in A YEAR.i consider myself a KNOWLEDGABLE TARANTULA keeper as i did my research before i even got a spider and continue to this day learning new things about them...and ive been keeping them for 20 years now so i think i know what i am doing
  • I never did get it why fucking idiots own Tarantulas? yes im meaning you type of people,why feed a tarantula a mouse? it isnt good for them!!
  • That's a clean girl :)
  • Notice 0:47 she just pooped big time XD LOL!!
  • is that all on her to-do list?
  • She had her fill already :D
  • My B. Albopilosum did the same :D
  • every single tarantula does the same thing. all mine do it too.
  • Haha spider mafia "you sleep with the fishes now little mouse" as she dumps the body in the river lol nice T I have a 2cm sling :)
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