arachnids - my new brachypelma emilia (mexican redleg)

my new brachypelma emilia (mexican redleg)

From (od) : chris mcgroggan | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 01:09 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 13188 | rating (ocena) 5.0 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | my new brachypelma emilia (mexican redleg).

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  • I ordered four Tarantulas yesterday of Ken and I am getting one of these as a freebie with my order. Now I need to run out and buy another container for it.
  • sweet the Guatemalan redrumps looks good,want to get some spiderlings myself,i'l need to breed some pinheads first,going to try it soon, watched your breeding video good info mate!! if it works out for me i'll make a wee video of it hopefully. chris.
  • Nice T man, I've got to add one :)
  • its one of rarest tara bolive it or not.. i have 80 tarantulas and i just got one redlegs 3 days ago
  • Nice video - a Red Leg was my first T. Mine never once was aggressive and I think only kicked at me once. She lived to a good old age, great T.
  • very good . are all these the same or do you get skitish ones?. does what sex play a part or are males calm too?. what size do they grow to?.
  • I like the colours! L.
  • @johnbc62 all of my brachypelmas are calm but sometimes kicks hair ,mainly my male smithi, not to sure what size they grow,but they do grow very slowly probably around six years to grow to adult, brachys are really good for any collection!!!
  • @Silencemx ive mine for one year now but not to sure what age she was when i got her in this vid mate,they are really slow growers!!cool giant white knee you have! i bought one a couple of weeks ago,there good eaters
  • naww its soo cutee ^__^
  • not realy because i saw a 4'' redleg for 30 $ and a 1'' rednee for70$
  • who told ya that? there are not alot ppl with red legs cause they are rare and hard to get
  • *squeee!* emilia's are soooooo pretty! I want to get one one day - I have a boehmei right now and I love her to death :) yours looks nice and calm - lovely spider!
  • Will do, I used to have B.emilia, but I sold it because he matured out into a male, and looked exactly like yours before the molt.
  • yeah i saw that video of yours,looked well,good luck with getting an other ,hope that hr669 thing doesnt happen to u all,that would mess up alot of people,am glad i live in n.ireland shouldnt get anything like that happening over here
  • thanks mate ,its just after molting there on saturday so should be abit bigger now,you've got yourself a really good collection now!!! going to make some vids of my new Psalmopoeus Irminia & my older poecilotheria regalis soon,see what u think of them,keep ur vids coming!
  • man i dont know why people like the red nee more than the red leg
  • lets hope they wise up & rethink the bill,i don't see the point of it!
  • me neither
  • thanks!yours is a cool lookin t..
  • @stingsandbites6 i find that they do tend to bolt more then they are smaller they do slow down the bigger they get,i couldnt hold my smithi til he was 3inchs long because he was that fast, i only really hold my ts when i am cleaning the tanks out or rehousing them,i tend to let them be inbetween, cheers for the add dude!!
  • very beautiful! where did you get her and how much was she ? i'm haveing trouble looking for a m or f juvenile.
  • @circus00001 thanks,there a must for any collection.
  • hello whats age is your emilli ? i have the same , only know she is 1 year old . and tont know what moult it is
  • @Scorpion1054 thanks mate, they are sweet t's
  • REAL NICE.....I HAVE 2 THEY ARE JUST SLINGS QUARTER INCH.....Sanches is a good name.....i have a B. sabulosum that usually has a bald spot.....for him its because hes a pig and i feed him too much....people may argue that all they is the fact
  • My local pet shop had a juve boehmei and 4 emilias, all around the same size (also juves), and I chose the boehmei. Not only did she cost me a lot more but she has fucking behaviour issues lol, I love her to bits but sometimes I think I got the wrong spider
  • beautiful! :) I have the same
  • yeah its colours are class!! thanks
  • She's a cutiee!!!
  • fanfuckingtastic!
  • actually that law might apply everywhere if it passes as a bill
  • @petalbrains my local petshop mate for about £40,but if ur in the uk check out( ) they have a good selection ,good luck
  • More information, noclegi Stara Łaźna Lubartów - here.