arachnids - Brooke Fraser - "Crows + Locusts"

Brooke Fraser - "Crows + Locusts"

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  • chorei ,linda musica
  • Wow.I love how in a few minutes BF creates a narrative that is so vivid yet is shrouded in a sense of wonder and mystery. I feel like she could excel at any type of writing, beyond the medium of song. (But I’m glad she has chosen this artistic medium, as she infuses a much needed sense of inspiration and depth to an industry that glorifies the opposite.)
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  • Amazing I can picture it as a movie what she sings. Great voice.
  • And you cry, very cry
  • The blood is for OUR minds steeped in alienation, hiding and seeing our Father through a lens of fear. In the metaphor of the cross, Jesus gives himself to the animals who crucified him---US---and says "you want blood then take mine." We love to exact revenge, we need blood to somehow deal with what we perceive as do "good and evil". We are all about wrong and right. Moralists have locked people's minds up in a system of futility. Didn't we eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It's a deadly system. We've been locked in that system ever since and unable to tune into God. Listen, God doesn't need blood! He is love. He's not looking to punish people. Men want to punish people because they want human justice. Human justice wants revenge and punishment. God wants to change people by loving them because "love never fails." We like bloodshed, eye for an eye, etc. True justice is God saving us from ourselves. Jesus says at Golgotha the place of the skull, as one with the Father, "we forgive you because you are so alienated and lost." His position of forgiveness will never change. God forgives (gives beforehand) every time. The blood is for our minds, not God's as religion twists and perverts. There's nothing wrong with God because He's a forgiver and a lover. 
  • always listening on this one..
  • woooooow! what a song!!
  • Reminds me of a 'lil Johnny Cash-ish like.
  • I love Brooke Fraser :)
  • "What can wash away my sinNothing but the blood...What can make me whole againNothing but the blood..."Seems about hard times on the Farm, no Rain for the crops.
  • This song is ooooohh, this song is awesome !!
  • This song is about being saved by Jesus Christ! :-) At the end, she goes: "What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood, What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood." It's from the Hymn, What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus. :-D, just thought I'd let you guys know. :-)
  • Meu Deus, que musica perfeita! é impossível parar de ouvir! :D
  • this was my friends acro solo last year:)
  • Listen !!!!
  • same :) i put it on when i'm sad.. like now. great song :)
  • you are wrong this song is about the crucifixion of Christ and a Verse from Revelation
  • To me this song is about having faith through the hard times regardless of how the situation looks. Knowing that God is a merciful God.
  • the riff near 3:30 reminds me of Audioslave's "Like a Stone"... but that's OK, Brooke is amazing regardless O_<
  • A wonderful ballad sang so superbly ,such a soulful element,add folksy ,thoroughly enjoyably,blessed!
  • Not just one of the best Christian songs, but one of the most hauntingly great songs period. That outro...phenomenal. She's truly blessed, and does a wonderful work.
  • blessed among women.. beauty,, beautiful voice one in which cause the spirit of God to say..."shhhh and listen"... God bless her.. may she stay small and humble and continue to move hearts..Praise Jesus
  • "Crows and Locusts” is a Steinbeckian story of a farming family helplessly witnessing the decimation of their crops through various forms of pestilence, told through the eyes of the young daughter.The daughter has the persistence and faith to know that it will be okay and the crops will grow again.The daughter may have her faith through Jesus and is why she still has hope in her sad situation,but the song subject isn't about being saved.Just read the title and the lyrics,it kinda explains itself
  • I LOVEEE this Song!!! The ending is the BEST part !!!!! .... Nothing but the BLOOD!! ♥
  • it shouldnt matter if the song is about jesus or not... we all have different points of view... if this song helps you get closer to jesus then thats awesome and it it doesnt thats ok. brooke is about diversity and she is a christian and obviously loves god... but not all of her songs are about jesus they are about life
  • muito boaa, gostosa de ouvir =)
  • <3 Amazing- I love Brooke's music.
  • To me this is a song just about getting through hard times and enduring the harshness of the elements. I love how everyone can have their own interpretations regardless of whether they're religious or not.
  • "What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood.. "What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood.. these phrases get me thinking
  • Well obviously you don't know Brooke Fraser enough to understand what she's talking about. But it's okay. :-)
  • The hell 're you on about First of all this song has many meanings And no, it's not everything about Jesus it's actually about a girl who got fucked by life Everything around her's collapsing she's basically the pillar of whole family I'm assuming that her mom died, 'n dad's fucked up, family as well Again, everything's collapsing "The fields are bleeding" Family is bleeding
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