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DIY Floating Winter Terrariums

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  • These are to die forrrrrrr!!!!!Thanks!! I'm so happy I've found your channel, it's fantastical :D(Thanks to threadbanger!) 
  • it's very cuteeee ♥♥♥
  • instead of snow you can use salt
  • Turban high five!
  • Its soooooooo adorable
  • You're adorable your doggies are adorable the project was adorable happy holidays!
  • those are so cute!
  • Your dog looks like you.
  • sorry meg but it's so tacky.
  • Where do you buy the sand?
  • Instead of white sand, you can use salt or sugar :)
  • The sugar might attract ants though.
  • thanks for sharing,love your vids :)
  • Where would one buy the glass/ceramic orbs?
  • You can pick them up at your local garden store or online at sprouthome!
  • Aww! :)
  • There are in the southern states like Florida (where I'm from). I do like the salt idea though. You could mix some white glitter with it and it would look great next to the tree.
  • Very cute Meg! The more I watch your videos the more I get into home-decor and I can't wait to have my own apartment. (Right now I share with 3 roommates. BLARGH)
  • Meg! i have that same turban! ::HIGH FIVE:::
  • ...and here I thought that I was done decorating!!!!
  • I saw some at Michaels.
  • Cool :)!
  • Why, thank you, she is GORGEOUS:)
  • OR at CB2!
  • There's no ants in winter :) --- well in Canada there's none in the winter :D & I used salt for mine, so try salt!
  • OK so glad I found your channel! So many cool diys. Now subscribed :)
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