arachnids - Handling clementine-my mexican red knee

Handling clementine-my mexican red knee

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  • I just came from seeing someone attempt to handle a feather leg baboon to this lolHow is it that this spider is so calm??
  • i admire her courage for handling her
  • Can enyone tell me if a tarantula is a good pet are is a crested gecko a good pet 
  • Sooooo cute!!!! I want one:)
  • That's a lovely name for a beautiful looking spider. :)
  • Utterly stunning x
  • I love how sincere you sound when you say that she will never bite you. xD I'm sure if she ever does, it will be an accident. She seems lovely. <3
  • Wow, that's a huge red knee! And it's a beauty! My red knee is about 3in and ready to molt soon. It has the dark spot on the abdomen and stopped eating for almost a month.
  • She's cute :) I just bought a female red knee yesterday. Make sure you hold yours close to the ground they can get scared and jump
  • thanks but i hold her above the bed usualy :)
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