arachnids - Top Defensive/Aggressive Tarantulas (not recommended for begginers)

Top Defensive/Aggressive Tarantulas (not recommended for begginers)

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  • Well some pointers..1) Remember there's a difference between aggressive and defensive. Most of these Ts on your video are mainly defensive. An aggressive spider will try to bite you without warning and will start to chase you. Classic examples of aggressive Ts in my 20 years are S.calceatum and P.cancerides, as Marylin mentioned. The one's you mentioned are defensive..they only become aggressive if you disturb them. My Indian Ornamental is calm unless I blow on her.2) M.robustum isn't all that defensive T. It just puts on show with its bobbing up and down, it almost never bites.3) I'm surprised by Poecilotheria being at the bottom of the list when they are much more potent than the ones you listed. S.calceatum is the most toxic T, followed by P.crassipes, then H.maculata and then Poecilotheria.
  • Poecilotheria have the most painful bite out of all the tarantulas on that list. I don't understand why they were last.
  • Skeleton tarantulas aren't that bad. All the ones I've cared for were very docile (except one, he always kicked hairs)
  • Ephebopus murinus is a very defensive tarantula, but does it have strong venom? I have never Heard of that! It belongs in Avicularinae, and those have weak venom. The reason that Psalmopoeus genus have pretty strong venom is because they are related to Poecilotheria genus the scientist Think!
  • Was 3 a cobalt tarantula? 
  • Why are you posting this list without any scientific data or bite reports to prove it as fact? Some of these are pet holes, they wouldn't come out and play unless you force them to. Do your research then make a list.
  • cambridgei is not very venomus.... and not agreesive just skitish and pretend to bite, then runs.
  • Though these are defensive T's, I have to disagree that many of these are the "top" in defensiveness/aggression. But I suppose if you're trying to go for a representative sample, this is a pretty wide range. I will agree that this is a good sampling of aggressive genuses (geni?)
  • I have 3 rose hair Ts and im a begginer and i keep beging my mom to let me get a king baboon i also want a sun tiger and blue fang well and Togo Starburst but idk if she will let me she dont want me to get bit and i told her if i do its my problem not hers there are so many Ts that are so cool and beautiful i would love to have.
  • And the Skeleton is beautiful also XD
  • Subbed but don't forget Chilobrachy andersoni 
  • Well done, but don't forget the S. calceatum and P. cancerides. Very angry spiders. LOL! But, I guess you had to put the right amount of ts on there to fit the length of your song. :) Keep posting more vids!
  • yeah..usually all pokies are bitey spiders :D
  • thanks...i will! :)
  • P.Cambergei Is not aggressive but i guest it depends on the specimen that u will get Nice Vid like it :D Ceratogyrus Darlingi is soooo aggressive!! ornata regalis and other pokies
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