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My Pet Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Cleaning After Meal

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  • Thank You so much! I actually just figured that out after she molted a couple of weeks ago. She does look a little nicer now, with some faint striping on a darker background, but I still think that she has a few more moltings to go. But, I have another question: How big of legspan can they get. So far, she has a 4.3 inch legspan when she's sitting on the glass side.
  • ATTENTION!! I, the owner of this tarantula, have a question to anyone who knows more than I do about my own tarantula. What does the stripekneed tarantula (AKA Zebra Tarantula) look like when it's young? Is it supposed to look like mine, because this tarantula was labeled to be a Stripekneed Tarantula, and it looks nothing like the pics I've seen. If you can help, Thanks. Joe Hollner
  • What did you ecsactly you are feading to this creature?? it has ahuge fangs my friend did it ever bite you?? and nice video the way you have take it in the dark is kind of spooky!
  • Thanks! Yeah, My spider only does her activities in the dark. I only feed her large crickets. You can get a closer look of this one's fangs by watching my video titled "Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Brutally Catches Cricket". This spider in that one is even bigger, though I don't think it is fully grown yet. It bit me once when I was cleaning, but I would too if I saw a gaint hand in front of me. haha The bite was very quick, and was nearly painless. Kindof like a warning.
  • hey man you do the same thing i do with my torch, i don't shine the middle of the light on my T i shine the outer darker bit of it :)
  • Very panicky spider. I recommend not to handel, because this spider will then decide to try to climb out, possibly resulting in injuries. Don't get to big of a tank for it, use peat moss, keep humidity above 65%, keep temp. above 70 degrees (though 60 degrees is fine). Don't bother it, and feed it 3 cricket once a week. (:D
  • Yeah. This one does it alot at night.
  • Nice. At least this means the spider is happy. It is just so hard to keep these Zebra Tarantulas healthy!!
  • "hey ed" "...wut"
  • Thanks! I love it when they do that. It is another sign that they are comfortable living where they are living.
  • Haha! All of your fears will go away when you live with these for about a week. I wasn't afraid when I got it, but everyone else in my house were. Boring, but yet fascinating pet.
  • does ahving a pet tarantula scare you? are they poisonous cause im kind of thinking about getting one to get over my fear of super large spiders...
  • Beautiful spider and great footage. My boyfried and I have a Rose Hair and I love watching him clean himself. Although I've never seen his fangs when he's cleaning them. Your Tarantula's fangs came out so clear. I want a Pink Toe and Mexican Redknee next. Keep posting!
  • y do they always do that after eating?
  • Yeah, Just because she gets so nervous when I do, and then completly stops what she is doing.
  • It's how they clean themselves.
  • im afraid of spiderss:[ lol but for some odd reason i have always wanted one. lol
  • Thank you so much!
  • Cool! I didn't know that tarantulas could preen. I have a Chilean Rose Hair and I love just watching her. I've seen her do some amazing things but never clean after a meal. I'll keep an eye on her more closely from now on. If you want to learn more about your Zebra, there's a great book on Tarantula care on Amazon.
  • Thanks! My family was watching that at the time. haha
  • Yeah, True!! (:D
  • Oh yeah, I know. Actually I change the soil and have it dry out periodically to prevent that from happening.
  • Yeah! The males are the noisy ones also. Thanks!
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