arachnids - Crown - Blake Wharton and the Rogue Locusts

Crown - Blake Wharton and the Rogue Locusts

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  • Very nice Blake, wasn't what I was expecting. Heal up and get back out there racing!
  • Awesome make a album
  • Array
  • not bad, actually.
  • Thank you! We have more songs coming soon!
  • and best would be to turn it around after the Moto career^^
  • As a professional writer, I always sat up when Blake was interviewed, I could FEEL the soul of a poet emanating from him. Ride on, rock on, Blake Wharton. The world needs both forms of your entertainment talents. :-D <3
  • Cmon man, compared to the auto-tune talentless drivel on radio, not bad, fess up THIS WAS AWESOME!!!! :-D
  • Looking forward to it.
  • WTG Sounds awesome. I like what you had to say through song
  • Nice.......
  • Thanks!
  • Motocross/supercross for money and spend money on this. Not a bad life.
  • Great vid! That song needs to be on the radio!
  • do you write your lyrics? this is good stuff.
  • Brrrap! Thanks for the comment!
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