arachnids - brachypelma albopilosum (Honduran Curly hair Tarantula)

brachypelma albopilosum (Honduran Curly hair Tarantula)

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  • @johnbc62 that's too young...refrain from touching it...brachy especially albo are born docile. When it reaches like 1.5 to 2 inches then that's safest age you can start handling them. if you have several more question ask me...i hope it was a help
  • I was told that they get defencive when near a molt and after.. so can you tell me what moods they get and has yours ever tried to bite or get over defencive.. and what age do they drink water as at 3cm I made a small bowl but can't see that it has had any.
  • 3. water--- i gave my T's shallow water dishes when they reach 3in above...slings don't need that much water cause they depend liquid intake on their preys, although slings like yours (3cm) needs wet substrates for humidity purposes
  • hi. I have a albo it's 3cm big and I was wondering if I should handle or not!. has your changed as it got older in any way and made you stop handling or has it become calmer because you handle?. would handling at a young age be good?. hope you can advise.
  • @johnbc62 1. get defensive when pre molt or post molt---i guess not or maybe, post molt will do or can more defensive cause they're more fragile at that moment. 2. bite--- if you're referring for b.albo sp, biting is not an issue, they often flick hairs rather to bite, unless food.
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