arachnids - Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Care - Brachypelma Smithi

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Care - Brachypelma Smithi

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  • Thanks Marc, hoping that all my future videos should be as informative, if not more.Next weeks video will be one to see for sure, Damon Diadema! My favourite invertebrate by far
  • Wow, he's beautiful!
  • Thanks for your suggestion, I'm already on the case. Unfortunately I have no income at the moment so I'm working from the basics.I hope to get the continuous lighting problem solved as soon as I can. It's bugging me too 
  • this video is good. :) im getting my brachy in a few days! :D
  • We have got one in college named Charlotte, she's beautiful and moulted recently as well! Unfortunately not able to handle her, quite defensive and flicks hairs.. :)
  • I wrote on your space yesterday about my Mexican red knee tarantula Dave. Yesterday Dave molted for the second time in 2 months. I didn't realise that they molted that quickly until I listened and watched your video. Thank you have put my mind to rest. Josh Owen's Grandmother. Barbara Owen
  • I am new in keeping tarantulas. I have inherited a Mexican red knee tarantula named Dave he is about 1 year old. I know that his house is suitable. I do give him bug gel as I was told that they could drown in water. He has molted once. He is not eating at the moment but that could be because we are having a heat wave in Wales. I haven't held him yet I don't feel very confident and also he tends to run and hide when I open up his house. I would be very grateful of any advice that you could give me.
  • How old is is this guy?
  • I am new to keeping spiders. I have a young male Mexican red knee tarantula. He was originally bought by my son but has ended up in my house. He has molted twice since I've had him, once in June then in July. He has been hunting around his vivarium quite a lot this week and I have given him 4 locusts over 4 days, he has devoured them as soon as they hit the ground. Do you think he is going into a molt again. I was told that they can molt quite a lot when they are young, then slow down as they get older, is that right? I have never held him as I am apprehensive, but I am fascinated by his habits and can watch him for hours. Your videos are very informative and has helped me thank you.
  • Damn, you make it so simple and effortless but it looks great! :)
  • Great care video Rich! I finally got round to watching it lol. Newbies will definitely not be confused by the advice you've given:-) I can't wait to see what you're going to do next, good job :-D
  • good vid rich i generally use a vermiculite coco fiber mix and mine are happy on that 
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