arachnids - Putting On That REAL Candy Cobalt Blue Paint Door

Putting On That REAL Candy Cobalt Blue Paint Door

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  • Ain't nothing wrong with painting inside of a garage or shop, but this dude is garbage. If you want to paint it right, take the doors off, and at least bag the vehicle, instead of painting with the back hatch wide open, getting dust and over spray all inside the vehicle. Hell, he didn't spray any sealer down first, he didn't allow the paint to flash between coats either. And another thing,,,all I seen was house of kolor base coat and Kandy coat. The reducer wasn't house of Kolor, and you didn't show yourself mixing the clear coat, so I doubt it was house of kolor. It was probably that cheap ass shop line clear.
  • Put that gun down and just STOP!!!! You have no clue what your doing! You have no Technique No "Painters Stroke". Learn how to prep cars for Paint first then MAYBE you can learn the paint game. But your now where close now!
  • Wtf 
  • funny how all the people who have something negative to say dont have shit to show. paint looks good when he shot it and still looks good to this day, not to mention all the other work he has done.. i live in his area and his work speaks for itself. no cracks, no fish eyes, so solvent pop issues.. where are your videos at? what does your paint look like... good chance its shit... show some work or shut your mouth
  • A your boy got a number where ppl can get in touch with him 
  • Doesn't even have a paint booth ;)
  • what a joke painting in a garage really? any fool can pull the trigger I bet that turned out looking like shit. Here's a tip get a fricking paint booth like the pros or just use spray cans and get that shitty job your doing
  • man that iwata is a paint hog.
  • Look at all the bugs and trash flying around! LOL 
  • I don't think his belt works.
  • look up the definition of solvent pop. DUDE, if you think you know how to paint, you are bullshitting yourself. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU SPRAY CANDY. THAT IS HOW YOU SPRAY PRIMER.
  • I hope to god that you didn't go to school to learn to paint well LOL. If so that school should be shut down ASAP.
  • Ray hill what do u do for a living, best custom painters out there don't use booths, u prob don't know what ur talking about u hater!!! Look up Walt pray mario gomez kandy factory, DANNY D SAL MANZANO ALL LOWRIDER HALL OF FAME PAINTERS, u don't know what your talking about
  • Just cause u dont bake the car doesn't mean its gonna chip. Chipping is caused from a garbage prep work
  • Nice gun
  • Its coming!
  • Any dope can mix dilute paint and hold a sprayer. Talent is on the user that knows how to spray it. And talent also comes from word of other people mouths, not yours! Peace out!
  • That shit is garbage!!!!!! Deez hack painters need to give that shit up get wet and come to south carolina
  • Did you ever finish, whats the finish product
  • Problem is this is a video on how to fuck up your ride. You did not even let the base coat dried before putting on the second coat, that shit will comes off in slabs when winter comes. No booth and doing in a dusty shitty enviro crib? Come over to Florence SC and see how real candy paint jobs are done and you may learn a few things. As long as that poor sap Jeep owner getting a free paint job he may not bitch now but he will when that shit start peeling. This video a embarrassment to NC shops!
  • They r door jams silly they going to chip .....but u a painter
  • Email me your contact info.
  • Doing it all wrong! Not baked??? You lucky that paint job will last 3 months. Chips will be showing up all over. As long as the job is free y'all OK but I ain't paying more than 100 bucks for this job! I'm a paint pro for more than ten years and that's a $89.00 Earl Scheib graduate there doing the fake candy paint job.
  • And to ur ? About the paint it was all lacquer candy to keep on about paint the only different between a shop and a paint booth is heat cause if u prep it right it will never chip I haven't been painting for 10yrs but I know how to paint and it don't take a lot for a clean job but I learn from the best and if u can't say nothing positive then y say anything at all.....and I never get upset
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