arachnids - G.rosea (rose hair) bite report

G.rosea (rose hair) bite report

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  • Do you humidify your rose hairs home? Maybe it is angry because the temperature is not right. That is what happened to me. 
  • I was unlucky enough to get an aggressive rose hair. I had a lot of reptilian pets beforehand and my uncle grew up with snakes and spiders so for Christmas of 2013 my uncle gave me a tarantula. she was real calm but then she started fur kicking which sucks and then she just bit me out of nowhere for no reason one day, hard enough to draw blood and leave a small scar. we thought it may be something in my house causing her to be upset (such as a filter or electronic device making a sound that is of a frequency unnoticeable to us but annoying t her) so my uncle took it and put it next to his 3 calm spiders and she was fine for a few weeks then a few days before he was supposed to bring her back to me she sinks her fang into his thumb. now he i looking into whether or not the place he got it from will take it back and give it to someone who knows how to take care of an aggressive rose hair instead of some nerdy teenage boy who likes reptiles (I.E. me) 
  • I Got Biten By A P.ornata A 7" Female.... And Dayum.... You Can Guess 
  • How do you stop yourself from not throwing the T across the room from fright when you get tagged? say she was on there for 10 seconds, my instinct would be to flick my hand around violently to get it off...
  • My mom is crapping her pants!!!!!!! We just got a rose hair, and she is so scared now!!!!!!!! But good to know that the venom is not powerful enough that it will kill you!!!!
  • Hehe baby hands :)
  • I almost got bit my my g rosea a couple minutes ago because I've been handling him a lot lately and I guess he got pissed and jumped to try to bite my finger scared the crap outta me
  • Does it really feel like a bee sting like most people say?? (If you ever got stung by a bee) How bad is the bite?
  • DAMN YOUR ROSE HAIR IS MEAN. The one i use to have flicked lots hair at me no bites, though. ;]
  • She's probably hungry, if you would have fed her, she wouldn't of had bitten you. 
  • One time I tried to clean the cage of my rose hair and I tried to pull out the water bowl and she grabbed the bowl and showed her fangs at me
  • I'm glade it ain't just me sorry u got bit I did not ... one day I but my hand in to fill her water up n she lunged at my hand lucky I got my hand out in time but I was like what the fuck because I did that all the time n when that happened. I was just in shock 
  • I think that water dish is dangerous for the tarantula. I'm not sure, but from the research I've done so far, I wouldn't do it. On a side note, I think your tarantula may just be an evil one. That happens sometimes :(
  • G Rosea's can be psychos! Mine is bad tempered and just plain weird.
  • Yup true
  • lol, "little brat"
  • she was hungry?
  • Did you turn into Spiderman?
  • I think that is more of a generalization. I used to have a rose hair. Most docile thing I have ever owned. Never bit me once. I have a kingnsake, and I had a Leopard gecko. Both bit me. But, I suppose spiders can have personalities like other animals.
  • yeah my first rose hair medusa is a psycho like my h lividum. i have a very chill one now, but that doesnt mean i couldnt catch her on a bad day lol. still 3 times by one spider?!??! lmao
  • Thanks, man. Yeah I'm fine it's just a bit sore and I can feel the slight cramping still. I normally do use tongs but she was very docile today but as a typical rosie she completely changed her behavior instantly. She probably did mistake me for a prey item. No threat posture or anything, but she's been refusing food minus my hand, unfortunately for me, haha :). Venom as as weak as everyone claims it is, the mechanical damage is the most painful part which isn't honestly all that bad.
  • ive had one for a little over a year. picked it up a few times and its never really seemed aggressive towards me.
  • That sucks it must be a bitch getting tagged i have a mean mature male rose hair as well
  • thanks dude, now i know not to be scared about him biting me (hope you will be alright) lol
  • I was handling mine, and she bited me, cus my wrist watch's alarm clock started doing lot of noise and light and BAM, in my thumb xD but she is pretty docile now, as ever...
  • Thanks for the warning, I sometimes forget and reach in. Actually they are quicker than some people think. Sorry you were bitten tho
  • Yeah it's more the hair flicking than the biting that you have to worry about.
  • Maybe try letting her know your there next time haha.
  • Rose hairs got different personalities. There could be a nicer calmer ones, skittish nervous ones, to the defensive aggressive evil ones. They say rose hairs are the best docile pet tarantulas..? Well, i won't even take any chances with this species at all because no two individuals are alike..
  • Yeah for sure, the misconception that rose hairs are completely docile is nonsense.
  • Today I took my g. Rosea (Cinnamon) out, she did a threat pose. It was really cool! I'm not afraid to hold her. I held her yesterday. If you take the tarantula out of its enclosure onto like a towel it will start to calm down. Than you can handle he/she. In this case mines a girl!!!
  • protest ? xD
  • Wow that sucks man. You're absolutely right.. I always use tongs to do take dishes. I think she maybe she saw you as food. But overall it's a great video to tell people that the venom is not bad on this species. Hope you're okay
  • I have a gonna hold mine soon!!! (Scared!)
  • She was refusing food for a long time minus my hand, took about a couple weeks after this for her to finally take a prey item
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