arachnids - My Pet Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula "Stella"

My Pet Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula "Stella"

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  • Hey, then why don't you read the info BEFORE watching my vids.
  • i just bought a T and its the same type as yours like 1 week ago and its starting to molt already.. its pretty boring it just hides like yours does but there so fast!!!
  • @kelseybrooke00 aww dont cry! :-)
  • yeah I know what you mean. But this time, I got a better video camera with nightime vision, and the spider doesn't even see the light!!
  • video quality isnt bad try posting it catching sumthing.. little more interesting
  • Thanks!! Stella is alot better now. Just picture her after two more molting stages. The reason why she is somewhat active is because I just got her in the winter of that year, and she hasn't really adjusted then.
  • man that is one giant tarantula and very cool, i like spiders 2
  • why is it in the dark?
  • Thanks! I was actually going to do that until she decided to close herself in a burrow. It's been two months and she never came out ever since. I even uncovered her a few times, but she does it again. Must be a winter thing.
  • whats the point in this vid, if i wanna see a tarantula walking round i'll go the pet shop. boaring with a capital yawn.
  • This one just molted successfuly 2 days ago! It was so pretty afterwards. Now, it has just a little more coloring on it. I took a few videos, but they aren't that good. It may attract a few dissing comments, but I'm still posting them anyway.
  • Nice spiders!
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