arachnids - Crows & Locusts - Covered by Sarah Noëlle

Crows & Locusts - Covered by Sarah Noëlle

From (od) : Sarah Noëlle | Music | time (czas) 04:10 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 8762 | rating (ocena) 4.9411764 | Advert. (polecamy) - promuj się z nami | Crows & Locusts - Covered by Sarah Noëlle.

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  • which mcirofone and this?
  • Here's the latest!Crows & Locusts - Covered by Sarah Noëlle
  • I'd love to hear you cover "Lead Me to the Cross." What do you think? 
  • So gifted!
  • *YTSgold* ******* *Selected Video* ☆ღ♪♫❤¸¸.Soooo Awesome,I love this,shared with pleasure!Carla ~ YoutubeSingers
  • I'm in love with your voice! Let's collaborate on a song!! :) 
  • not only has God given you an amazing voice; your harmonies and background vocals really make your songs come alive. This is a beautiful song. the bridge with the louder guitar might be a bit too loud; you might want a slight remix. Since my wife sent me "come thou fount" earlier today, I have been listening to every one of your songs online - I am big fan!
  • Me gusta es algo especial al escucharla
  • I've seriously been listening to this song on repeat for the past hour! Your voice is so unique and pretty ;)
  • Sarah, I never comment on anything. I can't help but comment! You are pure talent. I am a photographer. I could sit and edit to your voice and be inspired in my art. Keep playing! 
  • A beautiful voice that makes me feel like everything will be alright. That is an amazing gift, thanks for so humbly sharing it. 
  • Very Pure voice, as a person struggling with depression I find your music a balm to my soul, your voice is pure bliss to my ears. keep playing and sharing you are a wonderful natural talent
  • other plz
  • Gah. Your voice.. Awesome.
  • I fell in love... wow!
  • Beautiful girl!...Beautiful voice!...Beautiful song!Thanks!
  • Thank you for finally recording another song, big fan..Do you have any records out?
  • Holla from all the way in Africa! Wow you are absolutely talented. God has blessed your voice ! I write songs u can check out my channel :) keep singing God bless you!
  • Sarah,Wonderful cover and good job adding some "production value" to your videos by using different camera shots.Are you Canadian? I hear a bit of an accent from your singing? Great work!
  • Sarah do you have a facebook page ? 
  • Heyyy, soo, two part question..Are you married? And, would you like to be?(AKA, your voice is BEAUTIFUL, and so are you! haha. And I like your song choices ;) Keep it up! )
  • It's been really cool to watch you develop. You've clearly learned quite a bit since I first saw you a mere two videos ago. You've picked up some things here that I would be excited to see you continue to use in the videos that follow.That said, while your voice is generally better than Brooke Fraser's, there are some ornamentations you kept and/or added in here that work better for her type of voice than for yours; you may have taken a bit too much inspiration from her in that regard. I can be more specific if you want.You have the potential to be THE best musician I've ever heard. You have a very good voice, and you seem to be developing the vocal agility and precision to go places few people can. Keep pushing yourself. If and when you ever publish, I will most definitely be buying.
  • omg tenes una vos presiosa deverias colgar mas videos por que yo al ir al trabajo lo oido y canto sos presiosa y la voz espectacular...
  • Magnificent, Sarah!!
  • Very Beautiful.. Don't stop...
  • You portray emotion beautifully! I've never heard this song before but I'm glad you introduced me to it!
  • Bravo!
  • More information, dokumentacja HACCP - here.