arachnids - Arachnid English Mark Darts Super Six Plus II Arcade Gameplay Review - Super 6 Plus 2

Arachnid English Mark Darts Super Six Plus II Arcade Gameplay Review - Super 6 Plus 2

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  • I just picked one up from the North Haven auction in August. Not brave enough to plug in yet but it came with two goodie bags of stuff! AND it has the spectator tv mod on the top! :D I will hit you on your forums with pics. ~JohnB
  • I have one of these for sale in the Upstate NY area. Needs a little work but it turns on and everything. Anyone want to come pick it up for cash? 
  • Cricket = Rad It is the only game that we play at the bar on the Arachnid machine which has an LCD monitor. Though yours is even more awesome.
  • You should turn these things off before opening them. For safety, you know. You can get fried pretty hard if you touch CRT, for example.
  • I don't recall. Not much. Maybe $40
  • Cool machine although it needs a THUNK sound effect! I followed the rules of Cricket but not the winning conditions. If you clear the numbers first but have a higher score, who wins? Is that even possible? I'm not good at maths.
  • Nice Arcade collection, do you leave the arcade's on 24/7? if so is the electric bill high?
  • Another great video, thanks. But the only problem I ran into when looking into these dart machines, is the 'sensor webs' can go bad and are difficult to find and replace. So you might end up with dead spots, which would obviously be frustrating. I don't think there's a possible upgrade path to use more current tech.
  • Pretty cool for a 1988 coin-op dartboard
  • you got the double and triple the wrong way around, inner circle is triple, outta is double. Good vid.
  • That takes me back to when I worked in Santa Barbara around 2000. They got a "home" version of one of these, and we played it at break time! I sucked at Cricket, and found "501" to be more enjoyable (because I'm not very good at darts)! I like the rubber tips, maybe I could set a dart board up in my arcade, after all!? Great vid
  • im from portugal, and darts are still very very popular at bars here! we got a lot of new machines that allow to play online.. and each player can register him self fo the any dart machine brand and start leveling up his ranking on 1 vs 1 onlime matches and etcetera
  • How much did a power supply cost?
  • Pretty kewl, I need to learn to play darts :p
  • i never understood the whole quarter can you tell whos quarter is whos when theres a bunch up there?
  • Yeah, I think I corrected myself in the video EVENTUALLY. :)
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