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5 Facts about Palomino Blonde Tarantulas | Pet Tarantulas

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  • 1:09 Aaaaaw, the rose hair T wants attention :)
  • Anyone know the cost of the Palomino Blonde? I am starting to get over my fear of spiders. 
  • in sweden i dont think that They sell palemino blondes, They most sell like, mexican redknee's and rosehair tarantulas.
  • If tarantulas don't like each other wouldn't they try to attack each other
  • I've been able to find zero information about the Palomino Blonde outside of this video, is he referring to the Texas Brown (because they look awfully similar to me). Anyone know??
  • I did want this t but I couldn't find it so I got a rose hair
  • I did want this t
  • I disagree with the sponge advice, it can build mold. But to have the rose hair just come on out like that loo
  • Hi where can I buy one of these palomino blonde tarantula
  • Is it same with Mexican blonde tarantula?I can't find it :C
  • my first pet tarantula was a king baboon I got her back in February this year and I have had no problems with her at all I handle all my tarantulas on a regular basis and they dont show any signs of aggression. I prefer old world tarantulas and buy all of my tarantulas as captive bred spiderlings the younger the better. Then in I bought a Eastern Cape baboon and an Usambara orange. My next spider I get will be an Australian dwarf tarantula. 
  • what about heat? and i cant find anymore video on the palimino blonde only a desert blonde..
  • to bad they havent bred to make bigass tarantulas... you could like ride it around and shit... give it rollerskates! fuck yeah
  • 3.fucking
  • 1. There fucking scary.
  • He's crazy!
  • why dont they bite lol i dont believe that.
  • If only I can shake the fear holding one, then it would be scary cool
  • Awww I just want to step on it.
  • I can't watch it
  • Bro i like spider
  • Fuck. That.
  • That dude has some balls holding them like that
  • cute! :)
  • Here's 5 more facts.
  • 2. Oh
  • They don't perceive humans as a threat, by their instinct they know their natural predators and humans don't fall in that category. I'm sure they are aggressive around their natural predators though, just not humans. You would have to check how they behave around other animals if you have other pets in the house.
  • ew.
  • Yay they don't bite
  • haha the comment below me!!
  • 3rd viewer
  • And I year ago I thought they bit you and chase you
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