arachnids - Stamps Tarantulas 100% Positive Review and Unboxing

Stamps Tarantulas 100% Positive Review and Unboxing

From (od) : Axsisdnied | Pets & Animals | time (czas) 05:28 | count (liczba odwiedzin) 25055 | rating (ocena) 4.7090907 | Advert. | Stamps Tarantulas 100% Positive Review and Unboxing.

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  • @Brian C you can look me up on FB its Nature's Exquisite Creatures
  • +Axsisdnied ah dude i was watchin ur videos and i was like "this guys legit i wonder if i could get a T from him or werever he gets em". so i end up at this crazy website that was the only one who had the T i wanted, and i went to go look it up to see if its legit and what do you know, YOU reviewed it hahaaaaa. Idk it was cool to me. the crazy chain of life
  • AAAAH spider. creepy lol
  • Steve is awesome. I just bought a couple more healthy slings from him at the recent reptile show. I also bought a pair of mali Uromastyx he was trying to rehome the last time I saw him. Thx for the vids I highly recommend Steve.
  • Tripod..? But yeah, those are some really nice Tarantulas.
  • You got some nerve to put your hand near it. e.e
  • I cannot believe how calm it is walking about... I'm really terrified of spiders but it's really fascinating to watch... I want one!
  • U got some ball to put your hand next to that thing 
  • A voz dele parece a de um robo com cancer na gargantae aids tbm. 
  • Does He Ship Over Sea's?
  • What kind was the one moving around?I have a Rose Hair right now. I'm looking to maybe get a second, and this one seemed very docile. I'm not one for the crazy T's (OBT .). Also, how may I contact you about possible purchases?
  • I love your video! I just started getting into Tarantula's and such. We're getting a Grammostola Pulchripes for our first one. Just waiting for it to arrive!
  • Ah, good to know my Brachypelma Vagan wasn't the only one grumpy after being shipped lol. They both look like health and beatuiful T's. :3
  • id laugh if the little fucker bites him
  • are you sick or are you using a voice over.
  • the first one, when you touched it it was like it was saying "Ewww, stop it. Why are you touching me :( STOP!"
  • Its a pleasure.. I'm might invest in a smithi or simular. I havnt got 1 so who knows.. ;)
  • Great vid buddy and nice new adds :)
  • Thank appreciate that :)
  • Thank you, Brachys are really cool T's. Yep Steven is a good guy to deal with.
  • Ye that's a great video.. I love how calm you and the t where. Ill look up the sender now.
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