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Mythbusters - Cobalt Blue Soloist Alcohol Stove

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  • All my stoves are tested with an aluminum pot that is 5.5" diameter, 2,5" deep and holds 2 cups of water. I use denatured alcohol. Starting water temp is 70 degrees, air temp 70 degrees. The lid is left on for the entire test.
  • Zelph is the Man!
  • yes zelph does make good stoves i got few of them
  • Nice video. which stove are you going to use for the trip in a few weeks? Not the canister stove I take it to heavy. :-)
  • Hey when you go hiking make sure you get some video of eating out of that bag in the cozy. I am curious as to how that works. I just bought a long spoon and eat out of the bag but the cozy idea looks cool i might have to make one.
  • @tritan1 My current plan is to take the new alcohol stove for next couple of hikes. The only time I'll probably take the canister stove is when I plan to bake or when I'm on cub scout outing. Due to concerns over boys getting burned with alcohol stoves tipping over, they have now been outlawed at cub scout events.
  • 2oz of water. I just caught that at 2:00 min mark.We know what you mean.
  • More information, Tell us something interesting now - here.